Let me wave my magic wand..

It gets to be a scary thing, when reportedly “skilled” people in IT call up, and want the “impossible” to happen.. I’m not kidding.. For example, a person calls me and wants me to actually change a function that is hard coded into a piece of hardware! Kind of like waving my magic wand and say “ok.. hocus pocus, I reprogrammed it, and not it’s not showing this and that..” I had 5 calls like this today.. I can not wait for the weekend.

On a side note.. even though I went to bed, I had a bad dream that woke me up early this morning. I know I ‘m dragging because of that. Also, I have been tired all this week.. more so then usual. I think maybe the reason is because I am cutting back on the coffee. I have about 3 cups in the day, and none at night now.

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